Seven Reasons to Invest in a Personal Trainer


A personal trainer will offer an objective eye.
Personal trainers are not paid to make you feel good, no football commends the players on their football skills if its a mishit of a kick.

A personal trainer will offer technique corrections and constructive criticism  to improve your workouts and meal plans.
When your not on the right track, they won’t go easy on you and nor they should. They will tell you where your going wrong and offer encouragement and suggest improvements.

A personal trainer will help you master your technique.
While a training partner can help you with form correction, nothing beats live coaching from a trainer.
Recently a client of mine managed to perform a full body pushup which previously she was unable to do. Goes to show nothing is quite as powerful as coaching during a session.

A personal trainer will prevent a plateau.
Everything is going well for you, you’ve improved your fitness and strength and then the dreaded plateau kicks in. No matter how hard you work nothing changes. Thats where your trainer will implement variety into their workouts to shock the body.

A personal trainer will create a customised plan.
Anyone can buy a workout app to get you started. But what they don’t take into account are your requirement. Do you have any existing injuries? What are your goals?
A personal trainer can customise your plan to reach that ultimate goal by taking notes of your current situation.

A personal trainer has been there before.
It amazes me how often people select personal trainers without looking at their experience. Would you hire a swimming instructor if they haven’t swam before?
A personal trainer is no different, look at their body shape and current list of clients they have helped in the past. Testimonials is a great start!

A personal trainer will help create more than just workouts.
Hiring a trainer is much more than just the training itself. they will look at your lifestyle as a whole and take specific action to get you back on track.

Paul PavliSaint Fitness