Friends don’t let friends skip a workout.

Exercising with friends (both old or new) makes you accountable, keeps you motivated, pushes you further and is good for the social life. Plus it’s way more fun than working out alone! Our group fitness classes are “boot camp” style and combine weight bearing exercises, interval training and strength training. Classes may include personal challenges, partnering up or friendly competitions so they’re never boring. Saint’s welcoming community caters to all fitness levels.

Group fitness classes personal training at Saint Fitness Melbourne mobile personal training

What can I expect?

A warm up, an active, fun, 30—40 minute workout in a group of 2-15 people of varying fitness levels and a cool down. Your first session will also include orientation (ie. overview of guidelines, basic fitness assessment and a little paperwork).

We can do it together.

You don’t have to take the journey towards better health alone. Join us and join in!