From couch potatoes and rat racers to gym junkies and elite athletes, we’ll train anyone, no matter your level of fitness. And we’re mobile. So either come to us or we’ll come to you, to work out one-on-one or with a whole crew. We love the added health benefits of fresh air so most of our sessions are completed in the great outdoors.


Private Personal Training with Saint Fitness Melbourne Mobile Personal Training

Private Personal Training 

Join your dedicated Saint personal trainer for a 1-on-1 guided workout tailored specifically to your health and fitness goals. Our personalised and private fitness sessions will leave you feeling strong, energised and just plain good.

Group fitness classes personal training at Saint Fitness Melbourne mobile personal training

Group Fitness Classes

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand to reach a better level of fitness. Bring some friends - or make some new ones - at our fun, social and interactive group fitness classes. We can do this together.


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Corporate fitness programs in Melbourne at Saint Fitness

Corporate Fitness

Let’s go beyond mere team building. We will actively improve your employees lives and positively impact their performance, both inside the office and out, with our corporate fitness sessions.

Sports Conditioning programs at Saint Fitness Melbourne personal training

Sports Conditioning

Whether you’re an elite athlete or simply a legend at your local club, Saint Fitness’s specialised sports conditioning sessions will help you reach and stay at the top of your game. We see a personal best in your future!