6 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make Today To Live A Healthier Life


Making sustainable and realistic changes to your lifestyle is the key to success in living a longer and healthier life.

Too often we set strict goals to eat and exercise well, only to revert back to bad habits after the first week or two. Making a series of small changes to the way you live your everyday life will help you to build habits that change your lifestyle for the better for years to come.

To kickstart your new healthy lifestyle, choose 1 of the changes we've listed below and make a promise to yourself that this time you'll stick to it!

Pro tip:

If you're tempted to take on multiple changes at once - don't! A major reason why goals fail is because they become overwhelming. It's much better to pick 1 change and stick to it for a few months until it becomes a habit than give up in a few weeks when all the unrealistic goals you've set for yourself become too hard!

1. Get Outside

Research suggests that training outdoors in the glorious sunshine can boost fat-burning by 20%. Sunshine increases your production of Leptin (the hormone that controls your fat stores). Find out more about Leptin!

2. Drink More Water

Your liver can't burn fat as efficiently throughout the day when it’s busy helping out your kidney's because you're dehydrated. Drink 2-3 litres a day to keep your metabolism ticking and burn that fat! Here's some more reasons to stay hydrated and take care of your liver.

3. Rewind Your Brain

When the 3pm slump hits at work and junk food springs to mind, remember your lunch! When you’re busy thinking about what you’ve eaten earlier in the day this can decrease your urge to snack. Need a snack? Here's a list of healthy snack ideas - keep some of these snacks handy at work!

4. Walk It Off

Want to accelerate fat loss outside workouts? Walking 30-60min a day @ 6km/h will burn fat without making you feel tired & will also help you to recover from workouts. Increasing your step count has immeasurable health benefits!

5. Sleep Harder

Sleep deprivation lowers leptin levels, a hormone that is responsible for fat storage and important for a healthy metabolism. Achieve at least 8 hours a day of sleep & your body will become a much more efficient fat burning machine - and will thank you in many other ways too!

6. Set Aside Sunday

Forget exercise on Sunday's! Spend this time resting and planning for the week ahead. Write a shopping list for the week ahead to minimise junk food purchases and cheat meals. Do a big grocery shop and prepare some lunches & dinners for the week ahead to save time - lack of organisation is one of the major reasons healthy eating feels too difficult - dedicate Sunday to setting yourself up for a great week ahead!

Planning a date night or cheat meal this week? Portion size is really important; it's difficult not to overeat at your favourite restaurant, so exercise earlier in the day  - this will take the edge off your hunger before going out and burn some extra calories!

Set Yourself A Challenge...

Choose one of the lifestyle changes we've suggested above and start making healthier decisions! Once you've successfully implemented even one of these suggestions into your daily life the impact will feel amazing.